Foam blocks calculator

With this calculator, you can calculate the necessary amount of foam blocks for building a house, a garage or a bath.

How to convert?

  1. Determine the total area of the house walls. To do this, enter the following values in meters: length, width and height of the house.
  2. Determine the number of walls. To do this, check the walls to be constructed of foam blocks - usually its North, East, South and West wall of the house. By default, marked all four walls.
  3. Specify the thickness of the wall of foam blocks. To do this, select the width of the foam block, which will be equal to the thickness of the walls on the perimeter.
  4. We count the number of foam concrete blocks, capacity and cost. When all data are, we go to the final step - count the number, volume and value of foam blocks. For the result of the calculation, click on the "Calculate".

Calculating the cost and quantity of foam blocks


Wall Thickness:

The calculation is made for the foam blocks mark D500, B1, 600x300x200mm - 2500rub/m3.
To calculate the density of the foam blocks use different price list for foam concrete blocks.