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All of our synthetic foam blocks of Fiber Reinforcement, which increases the strength of the foam block. Blocks are stacked on pallets and packaged in heat-shrink stretch film. The cost can vary by agreement of the parties, taking into account the long-term cooperation, or changes in commodity prices. Prices are including VAT and excluding shipping costs.

Photo Mark
Number of units
in m³
Price m³
Price per piece
Photo D500 600x300x200 27,78 B1 to 14 2 800 101,00
Photo D600 600x300x200 27,78 B1,5 to 19 2 900 104,50
Photo D700 600x300x200 27,78 B2 to 25 Call -
Photo Just for your order, depending on the purpose of foam concrete blocks and their operating conditions, the density of the foam blocks can be manufactured from 400 to 1200 kg/m³.

When ordering a large volume discounts for foam blocks:
from 100m³ to 300m³ - 50 rubles for m³,
300m³ - 100 rubles for m³.

The benefits that you get by buying foam concrete blocks with us:

  • best foam blocks
  • blocks for the real price of 1m³ (Most of the producers on the site, the price of the foam blocks are 100m³)
  • the price is already include VAT
  • collateral value will be charged for pallets (pallets are non-refundable)

Today, foam concrete blocks are popular for construction of cottage houses, manufacture of architectural elements, as well as laying the foundation.

  • Houses made of foam are resistant and cold and heat.
  • Foam concrete blocks do not crumble and will not rot.
  • Even without any prior training, any construction is simplified by the use of foam blocks.
  • Foam concrete walls of houses are obtained particularly smooth.
  • Plaster, wallpaper or paint is applied directly to the wall of foam blocks.
  • Significantly accelerated the volume of construction.
  • Foam concrete block much more than bricks.
  • Laying takes much less time than with a brick construction.
  • The price is really lower than the purchase of other building materials.
  • Laying of communication systems becomes more rapid due to the porous structure of the foam, which provides ease of drilling necessary holes for pipes and electrical wiring.
  • The cellular structure of the foam blocks provide a high degree of protection from external influences.
  • The walls of the foam blocks - is the solution absorption.
  • Every day sale material is becoming increasingly popular due to the high fire.

Company Structure unit also offers a large range of construction services. An integrated approach, individual approach to each client. We are engaged in the construction and manufacture a full range of painting and decorating.